Synonyms to legerity

celerity, air speed, alacrity, bat, briskness, dispatch, expedition, expeditiousness, fastness, flight, flit, flurry, gait, ground speed, haste, hurry, hustle, instantaneousness, knots, lightning speed, miles per hour, pace, precipitation, promptitude, promptness, quickness, rapidity, round pace, rpm, rush, rustle, snappiness, speed, speediness, swift rate, swiftness, velocity, Benzedrine, Benzedrine pill, C, Dexamyl, Dexamyl pill, Dexedrine, Dexedrine pill, Methedrine, abruptness, accelerate, advance, advantage, aid, amphetamine, amphetamine sulfate, assist, ball the jack, barrel, bolt, boom, boost, bowl along, breeze, breeze along, brush, bucket, bundle, burn up, bustle, career, charge, chase, cheer on, clear the way, clip, cocaine, coke, conduce to, contribute to, crowd, crystal, cut along, dart, dextroamphetamine sulfate, drive on, ease, egg on, encourage, expedite, explain, facilitate, favor, feverishness, fleet, fleetness, fly, fly low, foot, football, forward, furiousness, furthe