Synonyms to leer at

look over, autopsy, canvass, check, check out, check over, check up on, contemplate, examine, eye, face upon, front on, give an examination, give the eye, give the once-over, give upon, go over, hard look, inspect, leer, look at, look out upon, look toward, monitor, observe, ogle, ogle at, overhaul, overlook, pass over, pass under review, peer at, peruse, pore, pore over, postmortem, review, run over, scan, scrutinize, set an examination, size, size up, study, survey, take a long, take stock of, take the measure, vet, aim, anticipate, be abstracted, bear in mind, behold, bone, brood, brood over, chew over, chew the cud, con, consider, debate, deliberate, deliberate over, design, dig, digest, dread, drift, drill, elucubrate, entertain thoughts of, envisage, envision, excogitate, expect, face, foreglimpse, foresee, foretaste, grind, harbor an idea, have in mind, have in view, have thoughts about, hold an idea, hold the thought, hope, image, imagine, intend, introspect, keep in mind, look ahead