Synonyms to leave over

leave behind, abandon, back out, beg off, bereave, catch up with, come up to, come up with, cry off, depart from, discard, distance, drop out, evacuate, forsake, gain on, gain upon, get ahead of, go back on, hold the field, jettison, jilt, lap, leave, leave flat, leave standing, maroon, orphan, outdistance, outpace, outrun, outsail, outstrip, overhaul, overpass, overtake, pass, pull out, quit, quit cold, renege, say goodbye to, shoot ahead of, stand down, steal a march, surpass, take leave of, throw over, vacate, widow, withdraw, AWOL, French leave, Godspeed, OK, abdicate, abrupt, abscondence, absence, absence without leave, absentation, absenteeism, absenting, abstain from, accord, add a codicil, adieu, admission, admit, alienate, allow, allowance, aloha, assign, authorization, bar, be getting along, be gone, be off, be pensioned, be superannuated, beat it, bequeath, bud, burgeon, burst forth, buzz off, cast off, cast out, cease, cede, charter, check out, come away, commit, conge, consent, consign, count out, cut, cut adrift, cut off, cut out, day off,