Synonyms to launch a vendetta

avenge, avengement, avenging, chasten, chastise, compensate, correct, counterblow, even the score, get even with, pay back, pay out, punish, recompense, redress, repay, reprisal, requital, requite, retaliate, retribution, revanche, revenge, right, take revenge, vengeance, vindicate, wreckage, account with, alternate, bandy, be quits, be quits with, change, clear the board, commute, cooperate, counterchange, exchange, fix, get back at, give and take, interchange, logroll, make quits, pay old debts, permute, reciprocate, reckon with, respond, return, return the compliment, settle accounts with, settle the score, settle with, square accounts, swap, switch, trade, transpose, atone, come back at, counter, cover, do penance, expiate, fill up, give, give in exchange, give in return,