Synonyms to laminous

filmy, attenuate, attenuated, beclouded, blear, bleared, bleary, blurred, blurry, clear, clear as crystal, clouded, cloudy, cobwebby, confused, crystal, crystal-clear, crystalline, dainty, dark, delicate, diaphane, diaphanous, dim, downy, faint, feeble, fine, fine-drawn, fine-grained, finespun, flimsy, fluffy, foggy, foliaceous, foliated, fuzzy, gauzy, gossamer, gossamery, half-seen, half-visible, hazy, ill-defined, in layers, inconspicuous, indefinite, indistinct, indistinguishable, insubstantial, lamellar, lamellate, lamellated, lamelliform, laminate, laminated, leaflike, leafy, light, light-pervious, limpid, low-profile, lucid, membranous, merely glimpsed, milky, misty, murky, nonopaque, obscure, opalescent, out of focus, pale, pearly, peekaboo, pellucid, pubescent, refined, revealing, satin, satiny, scummy, see-through, semivisible, shadowy, sheer, silky, smooth, spathic, spathose, stratified, stratiform, thin, thin-spun, three-ply, translucent, transparent, transpicuous, two-ply, uncertain, unclear, unclouded, undefined, unplain, unrecognizable, vague, velutinous, velvety, weak, wiredrawn, bowe