Synonyms to knock back

drink up, absorb, adsorb, assimilate, bib, blot, blot up, booze, chemisorb, chemosorb, digest, drain the cup, dram, drink, drink bottoms-up, drink deep, drink hard, drink in, drink off, drink to, engross, filter in, follow strong drink, gargle, grog, guzzle, imbibe, infiltrate, lap, lap up, nip, osmose, percolate in, pledge, pull, quaff, seep in, sip, slurp up, soak, soak in, soak up, sorb, sponge, sponge up, suck, suck in, suckle, sup, swig, swill, swill up, take in, take up, thirst, tipple, toast, tope, toss down, toss off, wash down, BS, Bronx cocktail, Bull Shot, Cuba Libre, Dubonnet cocktail, Green Dragon, Guggenheim, Harvey Wallbanger, Irish coffee, John Barleycorn, Mai-Tai, Manhattan, Mickey, Mickey Finn, Rob Roy, Sazerac, ade, alcohol, alcoholic beverage, alcoholic drink, ambrosia, aperitif, aqua vitae, ardent spirits, beef tea, belt, beverage, big drink, birch beer, bishop, blood, blue, blue water, bouillon, bowle, brandy Alexander, brandy and soda, brandy smash, brew, brine, briny, bumper, buttered rum, buttermilk, carouse, celebrate, champ