Synonyms to keelhaul

castigate, assail, attack, baste, beat, belabor, berate, blister, bring to account, bring to book, call to account, carpet, chasten, chastise, chew out, correct, criticize, deal with, discipline, dress down, drub, excoriate, flay, fustigate, inflict upon, lash, masthead, penalize, pillory, pummel, punish, rail, rate, rebuke, reprimand, roast, scarify, scathe, scorch, scourge, settle with, skin alive, slash, square accounts, take to task, tell off, thrash, tick off, tongue-lash, trounce, upbraid, visit upon, wig, dismember, cripple, defoliate, denude, disassemble, dismantle, draw and quarter, grill, impale, lacerate, maim, mangle, mayhem, mutilate, part, peel, pick to pieces, picket, pull apart, rack, separate, sever, shred, skin, strip, sunder, take apart, take down, tar and feather, tear apart, tear to pieces, tear to tatters, torture,