Synonyms to jut out

overhang, approach, arch over, await, be imminent, be in store, beetle, beetling, bestraddle, bestride, brew, bridge, bulge, come on, confront, draw near, draw nigh, draw on, extend out, extend over, extension, face, forthcome, gather, hang out, hang over, hover, imbricate, impend, impend over, impendence, impendency, imperil, jut, jutting, lap, lap over, lean over, ledge, lie over, loom, lower, menace, near, overarch, overhanging, overlap, overlie, override, poke, pouch, pout, project, project over, projection, protrude, protrusion, shingle, span, stand out, stick out, threaten, thrust over, extrude, arise, assemble, bail out, boot out, bounce, break cover, break forth, bristle up, build, burst forth, cast, cast out, chase, chuck, chuck out, cock up, come, come forth, come out, compose, compound, concoct, construct, create, debouch, defenestrate, detrude, devise, discard, discharge, disembogue, dismiss, effuse, eject, elaborate, elect, emanate, emerge, erect, erupt, evict, evolve, exclude, expel, fabricate, fashion, form, formulate, frame, fudge together, get up, give the hook, heave out, indite, issue, issue forth, j