Synonyms to jump off

taxi, autobus, become airborne, bicycle, bike, bus, cab, catch a train, chartered bus, chauffeur, clear, cycle, diligence, double-decker, drive, entrain, fly aloft, go by rail, hack, hackney, hired car, jitney, joyride, leave the ground, mail coach, make a train, motor, motor coach, motorbus, motorcycle, omnibus, pedal, post coach, ride, rotate, stage, stagecoach, take a joyride, take off, taxicab, wheel, begin, arise, attack, blast away, blast off, broach, commence, create, dig in, dive in, embark, enter, enter on, enter upon, establish, fall to, found, get off, get to, go ahead, go into, head into, inaugurate, initiate, institute, introduce, kick off, launch, lead off, open, originate, pitch in, plunge into, prepare, send off, set about, set in, set out, set sail, set to, set up, spring, start, start in, start off, start out, tackle, take up, turn to, usher in, A, alpha, altitude peak, automatic control, beginning, burn, burnout, ceiling, commencement, creation, cutting edge, dawn, descent, edge, end of burning, establishment, fire, fl