Synonyms to juggler

acrobat, aerialist, bareback rider, circus artist, clown, contortionist, equestrian director, equilibrist, flier, funambulist, gymnast, high wire artist, high-wire artist, lion tamer, palaestrian, pancratiast, ringmaster, ropewalker, slack-rope artist, snake charmer, sword swallower, tightrope walker, trapeze artist, tumbler, weightlifter, illusionist, Merlin, Prospero, airiness, appearance, conjurer, delusiveness, escamoteur, fallaciousness, false appearance, false light, false show, falseness, idealization, illusionism, illusiveness, immateriality, mage, magian, magic, magic act, magic show, magician, magus, prestidigitation, prestidigitator, seeming, semblance, show, simulacrum, sleight of hand, sleight-of-hand performer, sorce