Synonyms to judiciously

carefully, assiduously, cannily, cautiously, charily, circumspectly, considerately, diligently, discreetly, easy, economically, frugally, gingerly, guardedly, heedfully, husbandly, industriously, lovingly, mindfully, painstakingly, pawkily, providently, prudently, regardfully, sedulously, solicitously, sparingly, tenderly, thoroughgoingly, thoroughly, thoughtfully, thriftily, with care, with caution, with great care, artfully, astutely, cleverly, cunningly, discerningly, intelligently, knowingly, rationally, reasonably, sagaciously, sensibly, shrewdly, smartly, understandingly, wisely, dispassionately, apathetically, calmly, carelessly, cold-bloodedly, coldheartedly, coldly, composedly, conservatively, coolly, deadpan, deservedly, disinterestedly, duly, equably, equally, equitably, evenly, fair, fairly, heartlessly, heedlessly, impartially, impassively, impersonally, imper