Synonyms to jealousy

envy, Faustianism, acedia, anger, avarice, avaritia, begrudge, cast envious eyes, cold comfort, covet, covetousness, crave, deadly sin, desire, disappointment, discontent, discontentedness, discontentment, disgruntlement, dissatisfaction, dissatisfiedness, divine discontent, enviousness, gluttony, greed, green-eyed jealousy, green-eyed monster, grudge, grudging, gula, hanker, heartburn, heartburning, horn-madness, ill humor, invidia, invidiousness, ira, jalousie, jaundice, jaundiced eye, jealousness, long, longing, lust, luxuria, peevishness, petulance, pride, querulousness, rebelliousness, resent, resentment, restiveness, restlessness, sloth, sourness, sulkiness, superbia, uneasiness, unfulfillment, unhappiness, unpleasure, unsatisfaction, vexation of spirit, want, wrath, yearn, ache, aching, angina, backache, bellyache, cardialgia, cephalalgia, cholera morbus, colic, collywobbles, constipation, costiveness, diarrhea, dysentery, dyspepsia, earache, flux, fret, gnawing, gripe, gripes, gut-ache, headache, hemicrania, horn-mad