Synonyms to jangle the nerves

grate on, chafe, exacerbate, fret, gall, grate, gravel, grit, irritate, jar on, lacerate the ear, offend the ear, provoke, put on edge, rasp, rend the ears, set on edge, split the ears, wrack the nerves, abrade, afflict, affront, agent provocateur, aggravate, agonize, ail, alienate, amplify, anger, annoy, arouse, augment, bite, bother, bristle, bug, build up, burn, burn up, come between, convulse, crucify, cut, damage, deepen, deteriorate, dilapidate, disaffect, distress, disunite, divide, embitter, endamage, enhance, enlarge, enrage, estrange, exasperate, excruciate, exercise, fan the flame, fester, fluster, get, give pain, gnaw, grind, gripe, harass, harm, harrow, harry, hassle, heat up, hector, heighten, hot up, huff, hurt, impair, incense, increase, inflame, inflict pain, injure, intensify, irk, kill by inches, lacerate, light the fuse, magnify, make acute, make trouble, make worse, martyr, martyrize, miff, nag, needle, nettle, nip, offend, pain, peeve, pester, pick at, pick on, pierce, pinch, pique, pit agai