Synonyms to itemizing

specification, allocation, allowance, analysis, anatomization, assignment, atomization, attribution, boundary condition, bounding, cameo, catalog, cataloging, catch, cession, character, character sketch, characterization, circling-in, circumscribing, circumscription, circumstantiation, clause, concession, condition, consideration, definition, delimitation, delineation, demarcation, denomination, denotation, depiction, describing, description, designation, detail, details, determination, differentiation, disclosure, donnee, encincture, enumeration, escalator clause, escape clause, escape hatch, evocation, exception, exemption, expression, extenuating circumstances, fine print, fingering, fixing, given, grain of salt, grant, graphic account, grounds, hedge, hedging, hint, identification, identifying, image, imagery, impression, inclusion-exclusion, indication, indicativeness, inventory, itemization, joker, kicker, limitation, limiting condition, limning, list, listing, manifestation, meaning, mental reservation, modification, naming, obligation, parameter, particularization, photograph, p