Synonyms to investment trust

holding company, Aktiengesellschaft, aktiebolag, body corporate, business, business establishment, cartel, chamber of commerce, closed-end investment company, combine, commercial enterprise, compagnie, company, concern, conglomerate, conglomerate corporation, consolidating company, consortium, copartnership, corporate body, corporation, diversified corporation, enterprise, firm, growth fund, house, industry, investment company, joint-stock association, joint-stock company, load fund, mutual fund, no-load fund, operating company, partnership, plunderbund, pool, public utility, stock company, syndicate, trade association, trust, utility, absolute interest, accept, accept for gospel, accept implicitly, acceptation, acception, acquiescence, agency, agentship, arrogance, aspiration, aspire to, assign, assignment, assumption, assurance, assured faith, assuredness, authority, authorization, bank credit, bank on, be certain, belief, believe, believe in, believe without reservation, benefit, book credit, borrowing power, b