Synonyms to invalidity

ill-health, cachexia, cachexy, chronic ill health, debilitation, debility, decrepitude, delicacy, delicate health, enervation, exhaustion, feebleness, fragility, frailty, healthlessness, hypochondria, hypochondriasis, infirmity, invalidism, languishing, languishment, morbidity, morbidness, peakedness, poor health, sickliness, unhealthiness, unsoundness, unwholesomeness, valetudinarianism, wasting, weakliness, advanced age, advanced years, adynamia, age of retirement, an incurable disease, anemia, anility, atony, blah feeling, bloodlessness, brain fag, caducity, cowardice, decline of life, declining years, disease, dotage, dullness, eld, elderliness, enfeeblement, etiolation, eyestrain, faintness, fatigue, flabbiness, flaccidity, goneness, green old age, hale old age, heart strain, hoary age, ill health, impotence, infirm old age, infirmity of age