Synonyms to invalidated

disabled, ausgespielt, bad, burned-out, castrated, crippled, damaged, devitalized, disarmed, disqualified, drained, effete, emasculated, enervated, enfeebled, eviscerated, exhausted, fatigued, game, halt, halting, hamstrung, handicapped, harmed, hobbling, hog-tied, impaired, incapacitated, inoperative, lame, limping, maimed, paralyzed, played out, prostrate, ruined, run-down, sapped, spavined, spent, used up, wasted, weakened, worn, worn-out, discarded, abandoned, belied, cast-off, castaway, confounded, confuted, contemned, declined, declined with thanks, deflated, denied, derelict, deserted, despised, disapproved, discounted, discredited, disdained, dismissed, disowned, disproved, disputed, disused, excepted, excluded, exploded, exposed, forsaken, forsworn, ignored, impugned, jettisoned, left, marooned, negated, negatived, not considered, overthrown, overturned, punctured, rebuffed, refused, refuted, rejected, renounced, repudiated, repulsed, scouted, shown up, spurned, upset, e