Synonyms to invalid linking

misalliance, a world-without-end bargain, abnormality, alliance, anomaly, bed, bond of matrimony, bridebed, cohabitation, conjugal bond, conjugal knot, coverture, holy matrimony, holy wedlock, husbandhood, ill-assorted marriage, impropriety, inadmissibility, inapplicability, inappositeness, inappropriateness, inaptitude, inaptness, infelicity, intermarriage, interracial marriage, irrelevance, irrelevancy, maladjustment, marriage, marriage bed, marriage sacrament, match, matrimonial union, matrimony, mesalliance, misapplicability, misapplication, miscegenation, misconnection, misjoinder, misjoining, mismatch, misreference, misrelation, mixed marriage, nuptial bond, sacrament of matrimony, spousehood, uncongeniality, unfitness, union, unsuitability, wedded bliss, wedded state, weddedness, wedding knot, wedlock, wifehood, aberrancy, aberration, abuse, abuse of office, abuse of terms, apparent soundness, befoulment, casuistry, catachresis, circularity, contorting, conversion, corrupt administration, debasement, defalcation, defectiveness, defilement, delusi