Synonyms to intermigrate

emigrate, depart, deport, exile, expatriate, flit, forsake, go from home, immigrate, in-migrate, leave, leave home, leave the country, migrate, move, out-migrate, quit, relocate, remigrate, resettle, run, swarm, take wing, transmigrate, trek, DP, Ishmael, abstract, ban, banish, blackball, cast off, cast out, castaway, chuck, clear, clear away, clear out, clear the decks, cut, cut out, declasse, derelict, disfellowship, displace, displaced person, dispose of, eject, elide, eliminate, emigrant, emigre, eradicate, evacue, evacuee, evictee, exclude, excommunicate, expel, expellee, extradite, fugitate, get quit of, get rid of, get shut of, immigrant, in-migrant, lag, leper, liquidate, migrant, migrator, migratory worker, ostracize, oust, out-migrant, outcast, outcast of society, outcaste, outlaw, pariah, persona non grata, pick out, proscribe, purge, relegate, remove, root out, root up, rusticate, send away, send down, send to Coventry, snub, socia