Synonyms to intently

passionately, adoringly, affectionately, amorously, ardently, breathlessly, cordially, dearly, devotedly, devoutly, earnestly, effectively, eloquently, enthusiastically, excitedly, expressively, exuberantly, fervently, fervidly, feverishly, fluently, fondly, forcefully, glibly, glowingly, graphically, heart and soul, heartily, heatedly, hotly, impassionedly, impressively, in glowing terms, intensely, keenly, kindly, lovingly, meaningfully, perfervidly, powerfully, seriously, sincerely, smoothly, spiritedly, strikingly, tellingly, tenderly, vehemently, vigorously, vividly, warmly, with affection, with love, zealously, closely, all but, almost, as good as, barely, carefully, close, compactly, densely, firmly, hardly, heavily, heedfully, just about, meticulously, mindfully, minutely, narrowly, near, nearly, nigh, nighhand, not quite, only just, pretty near, punctiliously, scrupulously, sharply, solidly, thick, thickly, thoughtfully, well-nigh, actively, assiduously, bec et ongles, committedly, decidedly, decisively, decorously, demurely, determinedly