Synonyms to intellectualist

highbrow, Brahmin, aesthete, aesthetic, bookish, brain, brainworker, brainy, cerebral, connoisseur, cultivated, cultured, deep, doubles, egghead, elitist, erudite, genius, highbrowed, intellect, intellectual, intellectualistic, learned, literate, mandarin, mastermind, name-dropper, prig, sage, savant, scholar, scholarly, snob, sophisticated, thinker, tufthunter, white-collar intellectual, wise man, IQ, apprehension, authority, brains, caliber, capacity, cleverness, common sense, comprehension, conception, consciousness, deductive power, doctor, elder, elder statesman, esemplastic power, great soul, guru, head, ideation, illuminate, integrative power, intellectual grasp, intellectual power, intellectualism, intellectuality, intelligence, intelligence quotient, intuition, judgement, knowledge, lover of wisdom, mahatma, man of intellect, man of wisdom, master, mental age, mental capacity, mental grasp, mental ratio, mentality, mentor, mind, mother wit, native w