Synonyms to inpatient clinic

asylum, VA hospital, almshouse, base hospital, bedlam, bird sanctuary, bolt-hole, bughouse, cache, clinic, community hospital, concealment, convalescent home, convalescent hospital, corner, cover, covert, coverture, cranny, crazy house, cubby, cubbyhole, dark corner, den, dugout, evacuation hospital, farm, field hospital, forest preserve, foster home, foxhole, funk hole, game preserve, game sanctuary, general hospital, halfway house, harbor, harbor of refuge, harborage, haven, hideaway, hideout, hidey hole, hiding, hiding place, hole, home, hospice, hospital, hospitium, infirmary, insane asylum, institution, inviolability, lair, lunatic asylum, madhouse, maison de sante, mental home, mental hospital, mental institution, niche, nook, nursing home, nuthouse, orphanage, osteopathic hospital, outpatient clinic, padded cell, policlinic, polyclinic, poor farm, poorhouse, port, preserve, private hospital, proprietary hospital, psychiatric ward, psychopathic hospital, public hospital, recess, refuge, rest home, retreat, safe haven, safehold, sanatorium, sanctuary, secret place, security,