Synonyms to inertly

coldly, antagonistically, apathetically, chillily, cold-bloodedly, coldheartedly, coolly, deadpan, dispassionately, dormantly, dully, frostily, halfheartedly, heartlessly, heavily, hostilely, impassively, in cold blood, inactively, indifferently, inimically, languidly, languorously, latently, lifelessly, lukewarmly, passively, perfunctorily, phlegmatically, sluggishly, spiritlessly, stagnantly, statically, stoically, stolidly, torpidly, unamiably, unamicably, uncordially, unemotionally, unfeelingly, ungenially, unpassionately, with dry eyes, with indifference, with utter indifference, aridly, barrenly, bleakly, bloodlessly, burdensomely, close, closely, colorlessly, compactly, cumbersomely, densely, dismally, draggily, drearily, drearisomely, dryly, dustily, effetely, emptily, firmly, funereally, gloomily, gravely, grimly, heavy, hollowly, inanely, insipidly, jejunely, leadenly, onerously, pallidly, ploddingly, pointlessly, ponderously, sa