Synonyms to ineligible

disqualified, crippled, disabled, disarmed, hamstrung, hog-tied, ill-equipped, ill-fitted, ill-furnished, ill-provided, incapable, incapacitated, incompetent, invalidated, paralyzed, prostrate, unadapted, unarmed, unequipped, unfit, unfitted, unprovided, unqualified, unsuited, awkward, base, blank cartridge, bungling, castrato, clumsy, defective, deficient, dud, dull tool, eunuch, failing, found wanting, gauche, gelding, greenhorn, ill-qualified, imperfect, impotent, inadequate, incapable of, incomplete, ineffective, ineffectual, inefficient, inept, inexpert, inferior, insufficient, invalid, lacking, little, maladjusted, maladroit, mean, mediocre, mediocrity, no conjuror, not comparable, not enough, not equal to, not in it, not up to, out of it, petty, shabby, small, too little, trivial, unable, unable to, unadjusted, unendowed, unequal to, ungifted, unsatisfactory, unsatisfying, unskilled, unskillful, unsufficing, unsu