Synonyms to inception

outset, A, alpha, beginning, birth, blast-off, commencement, creation, cutting edge, dawn, dawning, edge, establishment, first, flying start, foundation, fresh start, inauguration, institution, jump-off, kick-off, leading edge, new departure, oncoming, onset, opening, origin, origination, outbreak, outsetting, outstart, running start, send-off, setoff, setout, setting in motion, setting-up, square one, start, start-off, starting, starting point, take-off, takeoff, parturition, accouchement, babyhood, bearing, beginnings, birth throes, birthing, blessed event, childbearing, childbed, childbirth, childhood, confinement, cradle, delivery, freshman year, genesis, giving birth, hatching, having a baby, inchoation, incipience, incipiency, incunabula, infancy, labor, multiparity, nascence, nascency, nativity, pregnancy, the Nativity, the stork, travail, youth, abecedarian, aboriginal, anlage, antenatal, anticipation, appearance, authorship, autochthonous, basal, budding, coinage, conception, conco