Synonyms to in mourning

moaning, bemoaning, bewailing, grieving, howling, keening, lamentation, lamenting, mourning, sigh, sighing, sobbing, sorrow, sorrowing, soughing, ululation, wailing, whining, anguish, bereavement, black, crape, cypress, cypress lawn, deep mourning, desolation, despair, despondency, grief, heartache, lament, loss, melancholy, misery, mourning band, sackcloth, sackcloth and ashes, sadness, weeds, weeping, woe, woefulness, yew, acute, argute, bawling, blatant, creaky, crying, ear-piercing, keen, lowing, mugient, penetrating, piercing, piping, puling, reedy, screaky, screeching, screechy, sharp, shrieking, shrieky, shrill, squeaking, squeaky, thin, ululant, whistling