Synonyms to in a funk

daunted, affrighted, afraid, alarmed, chicken, chickenhearted, consternated, coward, cowardly, cowed, dismayed, disquieted, fainthearted, fearful, frightened, funking, funky, henhearted, in a fright, intimidated, lily-livered, milk-livered, milksoppish, milksoppy, mousy, overtimid, overtimorous, panic-prone, panicky, pigeonhearted, rabbity, sissified, sissy, soft, startled, timid, timorous, unmanly, unmanned, weak, weak-kneed, weakhearted, white-livered, yellow, abashed, abroad, adrift, agape, astray, at sea, bewildered, bothered, clueless, confounded, confused, discomfited, discomposed, disconcerted, disoriented, distracted, distraught, disturbed, dumbfounded, embarrassed, fazed, guessing, in a fix, in a maze, in a pickle, in a scrape, in a stew, lost, mazed, off the track, overwhelmed, panic-pron