Synonyms to ill at ease

abashed, abroad, adrift, afflicted, agitated, ashamed, astray, at sea, beset, bewildered, blushing, bothered, cast down, chagrined, chapfallen, clueless, confused, crestfallen, crushed, discomfited, discomforted, discomposed, disconcerted, dismayed, disoriented, disquieted, distracted, distraught, distressed, disturbed, embarrassed, guessing, hangdog, humbled, humiliated, hung up, in a fix, in a maze, in a pickle, in a scrape, in a stew, lost, mazed, mortified, off the track, out of countenance, perturbed, put-out, put-upon, red-faced, shamed, shamefaced, shamefast, troubled, turned around, uncomfortable, uneasy, upset, without a clue, agonized, bent, boiled, bombed, boozy, canned, cockeyed, cockeyed drunk, convulsed, crocked, crocko, crucified, doleful, dolorous, elevated, fried, fuddled, half-seas over, harrowed, high, hurt, hurting, illuminated, in distress, in pain, lacerated, lit