Synonyms to identified

determined, actual, adamant, approaching, arrogant, ascertained, assured, attested, authenticated, bent, borne out, bound, bound and determined, categorically true, certain, certified, circumscribed, circumscript, circumstantiated, cocksure, coming, committed, confident, confirmed, constant, convinced, corroborated, decided, decisive, dedicated, defined, definite, delimited, demarcated, demonstrated, desired, destinal, destined, determinate, devoted, distinct, documentary, dogged, earnest, effectual, emergent, encircled, established, eventual, exact, experimental, extrapolated, factual, fatal, fated, fatidic, firm, fixed, forthcoming, future, futuristic, guaranteed, hedged about, hereafter, historical, hoped-for, hubristic, imminent, in the bag, intent, later, made sure, nailed down, nearing, not in error, objectively true, obstinate, on ice, open-and-shut, overconfident, oversure, overweening, persevering, persistent, persuaded, planned, plotted, poised, pompous, positive, precise, predetermined, predicted, probable, projected, prophesied, prospective, proud, proved, proven, purposeful, real, reas