Synonyms to hunker down

crouch, bend, bend the knee, bend the neck, bend to, bob, bootlick, bow, bow and scrape, bow down, bow to, couch, cower, crawl, creep, cringe, cringe to, crouch before, curtsy, dip, do homage, do obeisance, duck, fawn, flatter, flinch, genuflect, genuflection, get down, grovel, huddle, hug the earth, hunch, hunch down, kneel, kneel to, kneeling, knuckle to, kowtow, lick the dust, lickspittle, lie low, lie prone, lie prostrate, lie under, nod, obeisance, prostration, quail, reverence, salaam, scrouch down, skulk, slink, sneak, squat, stoop, supination, swat, toadeat, toady, truckle, truckle to, underlie, wallow, welter, wince, Lilliputian, Tom Thumb, abide, adipose, anchor, be enfeoffed of, be possessed of, be seated, be seized of, beefy, berth, big-bellied, billet at, bivouac, bloated, blocky, blowzy, boast, bosomy, brawny, bunk, burly, burrow, buxom, camp, chubby, chunky, claim, cohabit, colonize, come to anchor, command, corpulent, couchant, crouched, debased, depressed, distended, domesticate, domicile, domiciliate, doss down, drop anchor,