Synonyms to humble-visaged

teachable, apt, bright, clever, docile, educable, facile, formable, homely, humble, humble-looking, humblest, impressionable, inglorious, innocuous, instructable, intelligent, least, low, lowest, lowliest, lowly, malleable, mean, modest, moldable, motivated, plain, plastic, pliable, poor, quick, ready, receptive, ripe for instruction, schoolable, simple, small, susceptible, thirsty for knowledge, trainable, undistinguished, unimportant, unpretentious, willing, Attic, Babbittish, Bohemian, Philistine, Spartan, affable, amiable, ascetic, austere, bald, bare, baseborn, basic, beautiless, below the salt, blemished, blotted, bourgeois, cacophonic, cacophonous, campy, candid, casual, chaste, cheerful, classic, classical, cockney, comfortable, comfy, commodious, common, commonplace, congenial, contented, convenient, cordial, cosy, cozy, cushioned, cushiony, cushy, defaced, degage, direct, disfigured, domestic, dry, dull, dysphemistic, dysphemized, easeful, easy, easygoing, elementary, essential, everyday, familiar, folksy, frank, free and easy, friendly, fundamental, garden, garden-variety, general, gra