Synonyms to humanistic

earthborn, Adamite, Adamitic, anthropocentric, anthropological, baseborn, below the salt, cockney, common, commonplace, earthy, finite, fleshly, frail, homely, hominal, homocentric, human, humble, low, lowborn, lowbred, lowly, man-centered, mean, mortal, nonclerical, only human, ordinary, plain, plebeian, rude, shabby-genteel, tellurian, third-estate, unangelic, ungenteel, vulgar, weak, Adamic, Circean, Philistine, abandoned, adobe, animal, animalistic, banausic, bawdy, beastlike, beastly, bestial, bodily, broad, brutal, brute, brutish, carnal, carnal-minded, clayey, clayish, coarse, crass, crude, dirty, down-to-earth, dusty, earthly, fallen, frank, gaudy, gross, gumbo, gutter, hard-boiled, hardheaded, indecent, lapsed, loamy, loud, lusty, marly, material, materialistic, matter-of-fact, meretricious, muddy, mundane, nonspiritual, obscene, orgiastic, physical, positivistic, postlapsarian, practical, practical-minded, pragmatic, profane, rank, ration