Synonyms to housewifery

home economics, baking, barbecuing, basting, boiling, braising, brewing, broil, broiling, catering, cookery, cooking, cuisine, culinary science, domestic economy, domestic management, domestic science, frying, grilling, homemaking, housekeeping, husbandry, menage, nutrition, pan-broiling, poaching, roasting, sauteing, searing, shirring, simmering, steeping, stewing, toasting, agrarianism, agricultural geology, agriculture, agrology, agronomics, agronomy, austerity, austerity program, authority, canniness, care, carefulness, chariness, command, conduct, contour farming, control, cultivation, culture, direction, dirt farming, dry farming, dryland farming, economic planning, economicalness, economy, economy of means, false economy, farm economy, farming, forehandedness, frugality, frugalness, fruit farming, geoponics, good management, governance, government, grain farming, guidance, handling, hydroponics, intensive farming, lead, leading, management, managery, managing, manipulation, m