Synonyms to housewife

abbess, canoness, chatelaine, clergywoman, conventual, dame, dowager, first lady, goodwife, governess, great lady, homemaker, lady superior, madam, matriarch, matron, mistress, mother superior, novice, nun, postulant, prioress, religieuse, secular canoness, sister, superioress, the reverend mother, chaperon, duenna, educatress, instructress, schooldame, schoolmarm, schoolmistress, tutoress, carton, ammunition box, ark, attache case, bag, bandolier, barrel, basket, billfold, bin, boot, bottle, box, box up, briefcase, bunker, caisson, can, canister, capsula, capsule, cardcase, case, cask, casket, cedar chest, chest, cigarette case, cist, coffer, coffin, compact, cone, crate, crib, dispatch box, encase, encyst, envelope, etui, file, file folder, filing box, folio, hamper, holster, hope chest, hussy, hutch, jar, kit, letter file, monstrance, ostensorium, pack, package, packet, packing case, parcel, pillbox, pod, portfolio, pot, powder box, quiver, rack, r