Synonyms to home defense army

reserves, Swiss bank account, US Army Reserve, US Naval Reserve, agent, alternate, alternative, analogy, army reserves, assets, auxiliaries, backlog, backup, balance, bank account, bottom dollar, budget, cache, cash reserves, cast, change, changeling, checking account, command of money, company, comparison, complement, copy, counterfeit, crew, deputy, double, dummy, eight, eleven, equal, equivalent, ersatz, exchange, exchequer, fake, fill-in, finances, first string, first team, five, fund, funds, ghost, ghostwriter, home reserves, imitation, kitty, landwehr, life savings, locum tenens, makeshift, means, metaphor, metonymy, moneys, nest egg, next best thing, nine, organized reserves, pecuniary resources, personnel, phony, pinch hitter, platoon, pocket, pool, proxy, purse, reinforcements, relief, replacement, representative, reserve, reserve forces, reserve fund, reserve supply, reservoir, resource, resources, ringer, rowing crew, savings, savings account, second string, second team, secondary, sign, sinking fund, something in reserve, spares, squad, stand-in, stockpile, string, sub, substanc