Synonyms to high spirited

agitable, arch, beany, brash, devilish, ebullient, edgy, effervescent, elfish, elvish, emotional, emotionally unstable, eruptive, excitable, explosive, fiery, foolish, full of mischief, high-mettled, high-strung, highly emotional, impish, inflammable, irascible, irritable, jolly, knavish, lighthearted, merry, mettlesome, mirthful, mischief-loving, mischievous, nervous, peppery, perturbable, playful, prankish, pranksome, pranky, prickly, puckish, roguish, scampish, scapegrace, sensitive, skittish, sportive, spunky, startlish, touchy, trickish, tricksy, vivacious, volcanic, waggish