Synonyms to hemostat

instrument, Bourdon tube, Charlie McCarthy, Danish balance, Federal, Gramophone, Gyropilot, Mach meter, Roman balance, Teletype, Weightometer, X-ray machine, absolute altimeter, accelerometer, adapt, aerial reconnaissance camera, aerometer, aeroscope, agency, agent, air log, alloy balance, altigraph, altimeter, amanuensis, ammeter, analytical balance, ancilla, anemograph, anemometer, anemoscope, aneroid, antler, apparatus, apple-polisher, appliance, arrange, aspirator, ass-licker, assay balance, autograph, automatic pilot, autosyn, awl, backslapper, baggage agent, balance, balance of precision, barb, barbed wire, barblet, barbule, barbwire, barometer, barrel scale, beam, bedpan, blank, bodkin, bombing locator, bombsight, bootlick, bootlicker, bradawl, brown-nose, brownie, bullion balance, business agent, calorimeter, caltrop, card compass, carpet tack, cash register, catalyst, catheter, channel, cheval-de-frise, chirograph, chromatoscope, chronograph, chronometer, chuck, claim agent, clamp, clasp, clawback, clerk, clinch, clinical thermometer, clip, cockspur, commercial agent, commission agent, compa