Synonyms to heir general

heir apparent, Muslim rulers, Prinz, apparent heir, atheling, beneficiary heir, coparcener, crown prince, emir, fideicommissary heir, fiduciary heir, heir, heir expectant, heir in tail, heir of entail, heir of inventory, heir of line, heir portioner, heir presumptive, heir whatsoever, heiress, heritor, inheritor, inheritress, inheritrix, joint heir, khan, king, knez, mirza, next in line, presumptive heir, prince, prince consort, prince regent, princeling, princes of India, remainderman, reversioner, shahzada, sheikh, sherif, successor, aftermath, backup man, beneficiary, breed, brood, children, conclusion, consequence, descendant, descendants, descent, dynasty, effect, family, fruit, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, heirs, hostages to fortune, inheritors, issue, kids, le