Synonyms to have its place

belong, accord, affect, agree, answer to, appertain, appertain to, apply to, be a member, be inscribed, be there, bear on, bear upon, become, befit, belong to, carry a card, chime, concern, connect, correspond, correspond to, deal with, fit, fit in, go, harmonize, have connection with, have place, hold membership, indwell, inhere, interest, involve, liaise with, link with, match, pertain, pertain to, refer to, regard, relate to, respect, set, subscribe, suit, tally, tie in with, touch, touch upon, treat of, vest, vest in, conform, dovetail, fall in with, fall into line, follow the crowd, follow the fashion, follow the rule, get in line, go through channels, implant, infix, inlay, jibe, keep in step, pass muster, play the game, square, stay in line, tessellate, toe the mark, Jacksonian epilepsy, Rolandic epilepsy, a propos, abdominal epilepsy, able, acceptable, access, accommodate, accommodate with, according to Hoyle, accouter, acquired epilepsy, activated epilepsy, ad rem, adapt,