Synonyms to have had it

blow the whistle, arrest, bear witness against, betray, blab, block, brake, bring to, bring up short, call a halt, check, checkmate, cut short, dam, deadlock, draw rein, fink, freeze, halt, inform against, inform on, lose patience, narc, peach, pull up, put paid to, rat, sell out, snitch, snitch on, squeal, stalemate, stall, stay, stem, stem the tide, stool, stop, stop cold, stop dead, stop short, tattle, tell on, testify against, turn informer, pack, a mass of, a world of, abound with, accumulation, ace, adulterate, age group, amassment, amount, army, assemblage, assembly, backing, backpack, bag, baggage, bale, band, bar, barrel, barricade, basket, batch, battalion, battery, be alive with, bear, bed, best bower, bestow, bevy, bibliofilm, bind, bind up, bindle, bipack, black-and-white film, block up, blockade, body, bolt, bottle, bouquet, bower, box, box up, break down, brigade, brim, bristle with, brolly, buck, budget, bunch, bundle, bundle off, bundle up, bung, burden, burst with, burthen, cabal, can, capsule, cards, cargo, carry, carton, cartridge, case, cask, cast, caulk, cease, ceil, charge, chink, chock, ch