Synonyms to have a care

be careful, be cautious, bend over backwards, exercise care, go on tiptoe, handle with gloves, make haste slowly, pussyfoot, take care, take good care, take heed, take it easy, take pains, take trouble, think twice, tiptoe, tread on eggs, treat gently, walk on eggshells, look out, and listen, attend to business, be alert, be obsessed with, be vigilant, be watchful, beware, concentrate on, fix on, focus on, give heed, keep alert, keep in sight, keep in view, keep vigil, keep watch, lie low, look, look about one, look lively, look sharp, mind, miss nothing, never nod, pay attention, pay heed, qui vive, scrutinize, stop, study, watch, watch out, be fair, be just, do justice to, give and take, lean over backwards, redress a wrong, remedy an injustice, see justice done, shoot straight with, go to great lengths, exercis