Synonyms to hang in doubt

dither, ache, aching, agitation, all-overs, alternate, babble, back and fill, be cold, be stupid, blab, blabber, blather, blether, blither, bob, bobble, bother, bounce, bump, burble, cackle, change, chat, chatter, chilblains, chill, chilliness, chilling, clack, clatter, cold creeps, cold shivers, cold sweat, confusion, creeps, cryopathy, didder, disquiet, disquietude, dithers, dote, drivel, drool, duck bumps, equivocate, falter, fidgetiness, fidgets, flap, fluctuate, fluster, flusteration, flustration, flutter, foofaraw, freeze, freeze to death, fret, frostbite, fuss, gab, gabble, gas, gibber, gibble-gabble, go on, goose bumps, goose pimples, gooseflesh, gossip, grimace, grow cold, gush, halt, have a chill, have goose pimples, haver, heaving, heebie-jeebies, hesitate, horripilate, horripilation, inquietude, jabber, jar, jaw, jerk, jig, jigget, jitters, jog, joggle, jolt, jostle, jumps, kibe, lather, lose heat, maunder, natter, oscillate, palaver, palpitation, panting, patter, pendulate, perish with cold, pitapat, pitter-patter, pother, pour forth, prate, prattle, pucker, quake, quaking, quaver, quavering, quiver