Synonyms to guilefully

artfully, astutely, cagily, cannily, cleverly, cunningly, deceitfully, foxily, fraudulently, furtively, indirectly, insidiously, knowingly, on the sly, shiftily, shrewdly, slick, slyly, smoothly, subtilely, subtlely, surreptitiously, treacherously, trickily, underhandedly, warily, wilily, at an angle, by proxy, circlewise, circuitously, deviately, deviously, digressively, divagationally, divergently, excursively, in behalf of, obliquely, on one side, round about, sideling, sidelong, sideways, sidewise, to one side, advisedly, by design, calculatedly, circumspectly, consciously, considerately, contemplatedly, deliberately, designedly, discerningly, discreetly, eruditely, in cold blood, intelligently, intentionally, judiciously, learnedly, meditatedly, on purpose, pointedly, premeditatedly, providently, prudently, purposefully, purposely, p