Synonyms to gownsman

pro, Admirable Crichton, adept, advocating, all for, approving, argument, argumentum, artisan, artist, attache, authority, aye, backing, case, con, connaisseur, connoisseur, cons, consideration, consultant, cordon bleu, crack shot, craftsman, dead shot, diplomat, diplomatist, doyen, elder statesman, elenchus, experienced hand, expert, expert consultant, favorable, favoring, for, functional, graduate, handy man, ignoratio elenchi, in favor of, industrial, interest, journeyman, marksman, master, nay, no, no slouch, official, old pro, plaidoyer, plea, pleading, politician, professional, professor, proficient, pros, pros and cons, reason, refutation, savant, seasoned professional, shark, sharp, side, special pleading, statesman, supporting, talking point, technical, technical adviser, technician, the affirmative, the negative, vocational, well-disposed, well-inclined, whiz, with, Daedalian, able, academic, accomplished, adroit, apt, artiste, artistic, at concert pitch, authoritative, bravura, brilliant, businesslike, career, cl