Synonyms to gorgeous

beaming, beautiful, blatant, blooming, brazen, brazenfaced, breathtaking, bright, bright-hued, brilliant, burning, colorful, colory, crude, dazzling, deep-colored, devastating, divine, elephant, excellent, exotic, exquisite, extravagant, fantastic, flagrant, flamboyant, flaring, flaunting, garish, gaudy, gay, gay-colored, glamorous, glaring, glorious, glowing, grand, great, heavenly, high-colored, impressive, intense, killing, lavish, loud, lurid, luxurious, magnificent, marvy, meretricious, neat, nifty, obtrusive, opulent, ostentatious, plush, pretentious, proud, radiant, raving, ravishing, refulgent, resplendent, rich, rich-colored, screaming, sensational, shameless, shining, showy, smashing, sparkling, spectacular, splendid, splendiferous, splendorous, splendrous, stunning, sublime, sumptuous, super, superb, swell, tawdry, terrific, vivid, vulgar, wonderful, aglow, beamy, beatific, beatified, blessed, blissful, blithe, blithesome, blushing, bright and sunny, candescent, capering, cheerful, cheery, chirping, dancing, effulgent, elat