Synonyms to googolplex

googol, astronomical number, billion, decillion, duodecillion, infinitude, infinity, jillion, large number, nonillion, novemdecillion, octillion, octodecillion, quadrillion, quattuordecillion, quindecillion, quintillion, septillion, sexdecillion, sextillion, tredecillion, trillion, undecillion, vigintillion, zillion, a billion, a crore, a lakh, a million, a myriad, a nonillion, a quadrillion, a thousand, a zillion, milliard, Gaussian integer, aesthetic distance, algebraic number, ampleness, amplitude, boundlessness, bulk, cardinal, cardinal number, ceaselessness, clearance, coeternity, compass, complex number, constancy, continualness, continuance, deep space, defective number, depths of space, distance, divergence, durability, endlessness, enormity, enormousness, eternalness, eternity, even number, ever-duringness, everlastingness, everness, everywhereness, expanse, extension, extent, farness, finite number, foreverness, formidable