Synonyms to good omen

beneficence, BOMFOG, Benthamism, Christian charity, Christian love, agape, alms, altruism, auspiciousness, benefaction, benevolence, benevolent disposition, benevolentness, benignancy, benignity, bigheartedness, brightness, brotherly love, caritas, charitableness, charity, cheerfulness, cheeriness, contribution, do-goodism, favorableness, flower power, fortunateness, generosity, giving, good auspices, goodwill, grace, greatheartedness, humanitarianism, largeheartedness, love, love of mankind, luckiness, offering, philanthropism, philanthropy, propitiousness, prosperousness, utilitarianism, welfarism, well-disposedness, accommodatingness, act of grace, act of kindness, advantageousness, affability, agreeableness, amiability, amity, beneficialness, benefit, blessing, boon, class, clemency, coge