Synonyms to gold digger

coquette, Circe, Don Juan, Lorelei, Parthenope, Siren, captive, catch, charmer, conquest, date, enchanter, enchantress, enticer, femme fatale, flirt, honey, inveigler, seducer, seductress, siren, steady, strumpet, sweet patootie, sweetheart, sweetie, teaser, tempter, temptress, vamp, vampire, whore, Sunday painter, allure, amateur, bait, bait the hook, beak, blandish, bob, brush, bunt, cajole, cast coquettish glances, chuck, coax, consider, contemplate, coquet, dab, dabble, dabbler, dallier, dally, decoy, dilettante, draw, draw in, draw on, ensnare, entertain, entice, eye, fiddle, fiddle with, fiddle-faddle, fidget with, fillip, finger with, flick, flip, flirt with, flounce, fool, fool around, fool with, fribble, frivol, gallivant, give the come-on, gold-dig, graze, hitch, horse around, hussy, idle, inveigle, jerk, jerk off, jig, jigger, jigget, jiggle, jog, joggle, kid around, lady-killer, lead on, loiter, look sweet upon, lounge lizar