Synonyms to going strong

balmy, Saturnian, absurd, agreeable, allaying, alleviating, alleviative, ambrosial, analgesic, anesthetic, anodyne, aromatic, assuaging, assuasive, balsamic, bananas, barmy, bats, batty, beany, benumbing, bland, blooming, blossoming, bonkers, booming, bright, buggy, bughouse, bugs, cathartic, cleansing, clear, crackers, crazy, cuckoo, daffy, deadening, delightful, demulcent, dippy, dotty, dulling, easing, emollient, essenced, exuberant, faint, fair, fat, flaky, flipped, flourishing, flowering, flowery, fragrant, freaked-out, fruitcakey, fruiting, fruity, gaga, goofy, gratifying, halcyon, harebrained, haywire, in full swing, in good case, incense-breathing, insane, just plain nuts, kooky, lenient, lenitive, lightening, loony, loopy, mild, mitigating, mitigative, musky, numbing, nuts, nutty, odorate, odoriferous, odorous, off the hinges, off the track, off the wall, pain-killing, palliative, palmy, perfumed, perfumy, piping, pleasant, pleasing, potty, preposterous, prospering, purgative, redolent, refreshing, rejuvenating, relieving, remedial, restorative, rosy, round the bend, savory, scented, screwball, scr