Synonyms to godkin

demigod, Achilles, David, Hector, Roland, Samson, a man, brave, bulldog, chutzpanik, decorated hero, demigoddess, fighting cock, gallant, gamecock, god, goddess, godlet, godling, good soldier, hero, heroine, idol, lion, man of courage, paladin, phoenix, stalwart, superhuman, the brave, tiger, valiant, valiant knight, acme, actor, antagonist, antihero, apotheosis, beau ideal, best type, big name, bit, bit part, cast, celebrity, champ, champion, character, conquering hero, conqueror, conquistador, constellation, cue, cynosure, danseur noble, defeater, diva, easy winner, ego ideal, exemplar, fat part, feature attraction, feeder, figure, first tragedian, folk hero, galaxy, great man, headliner, heavy, heavy lead, ideal, immortal, important person, ingenue, jeune premier, knight, lead, lead role, leading lady, leading man, leading woman, lines, luminaries, luminary, man of mar